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How To Find A Reliable Handyman

When something breaks inside your home, you usually have a couple of options. You could try to fix the problem yourself, but if you are only vaguely familiar with home improvement, or just picked up a “do-it-yourself” book today, this might not be the best idea. If the issue is not a major emergency – in other words, it could wait a couple of days – you now have to do some homework and find a reputable handyman. With so many advancements in modern technology, you have numerous possibilities at your disposal, as well as a few traditional ones on how to find a reputable handyman that help you with everything from installing insiding to cleaning your carpets.


Internet Search
Say your sink is clogged. You have tried the various ways to remove the clog but still get nothing. At that point, you head to the computer or smartphone and search for plumbers. If you are determined to fix the issue, you could use the Web to figure out what you are doing wrong, but remember that you could also make the issue worse. Alternately, you could search for a handyman to fix the problem. Some repair persons work around the clock or on-call and can remedy the issue as soon as possible. There are also sites like multiassistencia.pt designed for reviewing trades or services. These sites contain user reviews and ratings based on the level of satisfaction. To get a better idea, look for consistently positive or negative reviews, but keep in mind that a disgruntled customer could easily give an overwhelmingly bad review, and employees sometimes pose as “reviewers.”

handymanSocial Media
Social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter are great sources for reviews. By asking around for the best handyman or plumber, you get reviews from trusted family members and friends. You may have a place in mind, and those you know can confirm whether the place is reputable. While social media offers immediate answers, a general word of mouth helps as well, so you could still get opinions from face to face conversation with a neighbor or coworker.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)
After you get a few names, check with the BBB, which offers reviews and ratings based on customer satisfaction. A company registered with the BBB works in your favor, as it shows that most of the customers liked the final product.

Phone Book
While it seems as if the phone book has become obsolete, they still exist. Like with the internet or social media search, looking up a “Handyman” in the phone book not only provides a listing of companies, but many companies listed proudly display the BBB logo you are looking for, which helps to narrow down your search as well.

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