How To Build A Skateboard Ramp

A lot of people want to know how to build a skateboard ramp. They need information on this topic because they have tons of fun on a skateboard from time to time. We are going to let you know how to build a skateboard ramp here. So read on to find out more about this amazing topic.

Designing Your Ramp
Designing a ramp is the first step towards building a skateboard properly. You need to maximize the space that you have available for usage. You also have to take into consideration the space the ramp will use when in use or not in use. You must also plan out how your ramp will be used. Starting small might be the best option for your ramp if you are just getting started. If space is limited, a small ramp might do the trick.

Organizing Supplies

Making a list of anything you need to build your awesome skateboard is always a good idea. Your local hardware store might give you some tips about the things you need to purchase. Now, you just have to keep your lumber organized as much as you can. You also have to cut once and measure twice. Keeping the lumber safe should be a priority to you at any phase of the building process too.

Building Your Ramp

Cut out the ramp`s sides right away. You will have to cut out just two side piece from your fav plywood. Framing the ramp is the next step. You have to nail in the 4 supports, but you have to start with a back support. You need to put the ramp supports now. You also have to get a safe range so you can stand on it. So you need to attach the remaining part of the plywood. The bottom of the ramp should have a steel plate attached.

Surfacing Your Ramp
You have to decide on the top layer that you are going to use. You can even use a Masonite for your top layer, though the first 2 layers must be 3/8” untreated plywood. You have to sand down any loose corners or jagged edges right away. Protecting your ramp from the weather is also a good idea, and you can also use the tarp to cover your ramp. This will allow you to get another layer of protection.

As you can see, building a skateboard is not hard. Remember that you need to design your skateboard before doing anything, and that’s not an option in this process at all. Organizing your supplies is also a great idea here.