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Prepare Your Home-Cooked Meal Fast with Food Processors

Food processorsAre you a full-time mom with a full-time job? You might be so busy in the office, and you still need to rush home to prepare dinner for the dad and the kids. You want to serve them a delicious home-cooked meal on the dining table, but since you don’t have enough time to cut and chop the vegetables and spices, you serve them processed, ready-to-eat food instead.


In preparing food, it is often the slicing part which takes up time the most. But if you can do it in an instant, why not? Food processors are there to help you make the delicious meals your family has always been wanting.

If you are considering of buying a food processor, thinkcook.com gives a detailed review of the best food processors on the market.

Food Processor Uses

A food processor is your helping buddy when preparing for your food. It is ideal for slicing, chopping, and shredding. It comes with different blades for different cuts and chops. It helps you cut your fruits and vegetables easily. You can grind nuts, spices, seeds, and even meat in the food processor and other solid ingredients quickly. It can also be used to grate cheese or other fruits and vegetables like potatoes. Food processors can also help you in making purees and in kneading doughs.

Food Processor vs. Blender

The blender is designed to be used for liquids. If you want to make smoothies, soups, and salad dressings, blender is best to use for them.

Blenders Vs. Food ProcessorsThough a blender is capable of grinding solids, it is quite a challenge. It has to be mixed with some liquid for the blender to grind the solid ingredients. If you want to make a smoothie from frozen fruits, you have to make sure to put liquid in the blender, either milk, yogurt, or even just water.

A food processor, on the other hand, has a wide cylindrical bowl and has different blades. It chops solid ingredients into tiny bits without adding water. You can make an ice cream-like smoothie from frozen fruits since you can directly the chunked fruits into it and just add sugar and milk.

If you have to prepare chopped garlic, onions, carrots, and it doesn’t have to be evenly cut, a food processor can do it in no time.

Food processors, too, can grind solid ingredients when mixed with liquid, but it doesn’t always give a result as good as that of the blender because of its large bowl. Plus, the liquid can leak at the bottom middle part where the blade is placed, making a mess in your preparation. So if you want to make smoothies and soup, let the blender do the job.


Be the best working mom in the world, and prepare the favorite meals of your husband and kids while still be able to manage your time from work. You will not only shine in your work but also in your home. With a food processor at home, your cooking and baking and all that food making for your family will become easier.

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