The Difference Between Heat Pump Vs Normal AC

Do You Want to Know the Difference Between Heat Pump vs Normal AC?

If so, then this article can give you an overview of the similarities and differences between the two types.

difference between heat pump vs normal ac

Air Pumps And Furnace Central Air Conditioning System

Centralized air conditioning systems through heat pumps provide temperature control all over your entire place.

Wherever there are air vents, the air flows from the pump gets out of the vent to heat or cool an area of the house. There is only one source of temperature control for the entire area. This means that the temperature of one area of your house will just be the same as the others. Thus, it provides a centralized cooling or heating.

The air pumps and furnace central air conditioning system may be efficient at providing equal temperatures in your entire house. However, they can be quite difficult to install. Ducts have to be installed on your ceiling to transfer the air from the unit to the different area of your place. Consequently, if you prefer your room to be a bit warmer, the other rooms will also be affected.

Split And Window Type Air Conditioner

The normal split and window type air conditioner is much easier to install than the heat pumps. They are sometimes called the ductless air conditioners. This is because no ducts have to be installed all over your place in order for the cool air to get into your room.

They are smaller, cheaper, and easier to install. Because no air ducts are installed, they are also much easier to maintain. There are also inverter types of ductless units today. The inverter units have energy saving properties. This allows the unit to work and cool the air in your room well while consuming only a small amount of energy. It provides energy efficiency which saves you from your monthly electricity bills.

Unlike the furnace types though, you cannot cool all the rooms in your place in just one unit. In order to provide a temperature control in the different rooms, you have to install different units as well.

The Difference Between Heat Pump Vs Normal AC

The two may have a different way of transferring the conditioned air to a room. However, both the air pumps and normal air conditioners have the same mechanism for conditioning the air. The gas that flows from the outside is compressed, rising the gas temperature, then passes through a condensing coil to release a cool air.

While both of them can be used to cool your rooms in the summer, only the air pumps can warm an interior space on the winter. Air pumps can reverse the cycle of cooling the air, thus, being able to release warm air to keep you cozy during the winter season.

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air pumps and furnace central  air conditioning system

Which To Choose

These are only some of the main factors to consider in choosing which type of HVAC unit you should have in your residential or commercial space. Some of them may include the initial cost of the unit and the installation costs, the weathers in your location, among others. If you live in a place where there is no winter, you might not need an air pump at all.

Weigh the pros and con, and the difference between heat pump vs normal AC, and see which unit fits your needs well.