Unique Lush Bath Bombs Gift Sets

Need to give a friend or family a bath bomb gift? You can create a gorgeous bath bomb gift set, or you buy wrapped gift sets from Lush. If you are good at wrapping gifts, go ahead and buy the bath bomb for home warping, otherwise buy the already wrapped Lush bath bombs gift sets.

fresh from the company

Gifts with a Human Touch

Most of the gifts from Lush are handmade making them special and unique. This means that each of the gifts you buy have a human touch on them.

This process is carried out by humans in their Vancouver and Toronto factories from the making of the box to filling them, wrapping them and adding ribbons to making the final touches on them.

When you have these gifts, they are fresh from the company giving you the fizz and the vibrant colors you need. Some of the wrappings used are handmade for instance buttercup and cosmic. Some are made from cotton for durability.

Customize Lush Bath Bombs Gifts

You can choose the products you need in your gift so you can have them bundled up for you with ease. This makes it easy for you to customize the gifts to meet the tastes of the person you are sending them to.

You can get knot wraps from Lush, which are traditional Japanese wrapping cloths. Some wraps are made from plastic bottles giving them a silky feel while others are created from organic cotton for great looks. The wraps will determine how Lush bath bombs gift sets will look and for this reason, different sets are designed uniquely.

With Lush bath bombs gift sets, the gift wraps can be recycled and can be reused. To ensure that the impact on the environment is reduced, the packaging on the gifts are made to be reused. There are various themes to select from so you can get a gift as unique as the person you are buying them for.

Gifts that are Unique

Need a perfect gift for your family member or friend? You can always ask for recommendations from the Lush staff especially if it is your first time buying gifts for a special person. You need to consider what your loved ones like and what they will deem fit before selecting a gift set and a wrapping.

Some of the gift sets in the Lush collection come with wrappings that reflect the qualities if the person you are sending them to. For instance, one can be written ‘you are a star’ to show the strengths of the receiver. Irrespective of the occasion, there is always a gift to match the receiver.

choose the products you need

Go ahead and choose a gift

If you are not good at making gift sets and wrapping them the way they should, choose among the wide collection of already wrapped gift sets. Choosing between ready Lush bath bombs gift sets is easy as all you consider is the likes and dislikes of the person you’re purchasing them for.

Pick a gift set today and surprise your loved ones.