Something Every Window Blinds and Shades Lover Should Know

How To Install Window Blinds For First Timer

I visited a friend last weekend because she just moved from her old apartment. I was a bit stunned when I got to her new apartment because she looks so exhausted. And, you’ll laugh at why she looks like that.

She admitted that she had trouble installing the window blinds. Good thing I know how to do it.

I know that there are some who are having a hard time when it comes to properly installing the window blinds and shades. Thus, I’m going to give you some tips on how to properly them.

Here are the tips for installing window blinds.

Something Every Window Blinds and Shades Lover Should Know

Measure Your Windows

You need to make sure that the blinds you’ll get will fit your windows, so get a measuring tip and let’s start to get the height and width of your windows.

If you want to hang the blinds outside the frame of your window, you have to get the length by measuring the outside edges of the casing, that would be from the top to the bottom.

To get the measurement inside the casing, if you want to mount it inside, you need to measure the width. Start by putting the measuring device inside the frame.

That would be from the left to right jamb liner of the frame.

Make sure to mark the parts where you are going to put the brackets.

Check Your Package Carefully

When you get the blinds that you have purchased, check if the package to make sure that you have everything that you need. It will take some of your time during installing them if one part is no there or broken.

Start By Placing the Bracket

Get the bracket and position them in the corners of the window. Do it one by one. When it’s already positioned, one of the open parts should be facing you and the other part en route to the center of the window.

Then, mark the part of the window where the holes of the brackets are. Use a small drill to make a hole for the screw. You can put back the bracket together with the screw.

Make sure to properly drive the screw until what you only see is the head.

Remember, the brackets should be placed outside the frame if you want to mount the blinds outside.

Mount Your Blinds

After you install the brackets, you can now mount the blinds. However, you have to add first the valance clips by snapping them to the head of the rail.

Now, insert the brackets and lock them after to ensure that it wouldn’t drop. Then, attach the valance by inserting them to the valance clips that you placed. The blinds would look nice with it then.

How To Install Window Blinds For First Timer

Still Struggling?

It could be a struggle for us if it’s our first time to install blinds. So, it’s either you learn from your own mistake or get it right by asking help from the masters.

You can always get tips from the provider of window blinds and shades or call us to do the whole process while you are learning.