Common Accounting Services Offered by Accounting Firms

Today, most businesses consider hiring different firms and services to manage some departments. Instead of employing a whole accounting team, they get a firm to do it at an affordable and budget-friendly price.

Accounting firms offer a plethora of services that aim at making a business financially organized and tax compliant.

Since accounting firms don’t all offer the same functions, a business that is considering outsourcing its accounting functions needs to be clear on the specific services required before setting out to look for a suitable accounting firm.

Below are some of the services that these firms provide.

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Tax Preparation

Accounting firms will help you file state and federal tax returns but also handle the other tax planning and preparation tasks.

They will prepare all documents related to tax and needed at the end of the year, including IRS, employee w-2, owner k-1 and 1099-misc forms among others.

As a business owner, you can give the accounting firm a mandate to represent you in issues of notices, audits and information requests from the IRS.

Businesses need to establish entities that make the most tax sense to them, and this can be done better if they work with a qualified accounting firm.

The accounting services offered are tailored to meet the financial needs of the business. An accounting firm, therefore, is able to create the best tax scenarios for your business to ensure taxes are minimized.

Manage Payrolls and Operational Bookkeeping

There is a lot of money that can be lost when normal business operations accounting is not done right. This can happen because most business owners focus on growing the business and getting customers at times forgetting the most important aspect of business growth, accounts.

To avoid losses due to improper bookkeeping and management of payroll, you can take small steps towards accounts auditing.

For instance, you could start with sending bank statements and any other financial records of your business to the accounting services provider for balancing – this is the first step in accounts auditing.

You can give the accounting firm you hire the mandate to manage accounts receivable and outgoing. They will, therefore, pay vendors and your employees at the right time ensuring there is no money lost in between.

They also ensure that new employees complete their federal paperwork allowing the company to issue year-end payment documents.

Business Valuation

Is your business making any steps upwards or stagnating? You can determine this by looking at the business accounts and creating a report of progress.

If your business needs a loan, you will need a report of this audit to show that you are progressing as required.

The accounting services provider is able to compare revenues from other years to show your business’ growth patterns and determine the real value of your business. If yours is a new business, some accounting firms will offer you financial projections and Pro-forma which you can use for initial business expansion.

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Get Accounting Services Today

If you’re looking for accounting services for your business, consider and see the services offered. Look at the range of services and the charges for the various services when making a decision. Once you find a trustworthy firm to handle most of your accounting tasks, you should be able to keep your accounts in check and meet your financial obligations.


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