The Carpet Cleaning Techniques Used By Professionals

The carpet shampoo method of cleaning is one of the most scientific techniques in doing simple carpet cleaning. Its gist is basically to make the carpet foamy. It needs to generate enough foam by applying shampoo in it and allowing the foam dry up. The dried foam then makes the dirt, soil residue, and other things easier to remove and clean.

Choosing shampoos to use on your carpets also require meticulous and keen observance. The shampoos to be used should have very high foaming levels so as to avoid too much wetting. The foam it generates should be stable and not messy. It should also be high lubricated and non-sticky so as to avoid damaging the carpet altogether. Carpet shampoos usually possess these characteristics together with an anti-recoiling chemical so as to prolong the cleanliness of your carpets.

Here are the top 3 carpet cleaning methods:

Absorbent Carpet Cleaning
This method is more popular known as dry cleaning. Dry primarily because very little water is needed to perform this method. This is done by mixing a dry absorbent compound and sprinkling this mix on the carpet for cleaning. Using the aid of a carpet cleaning machine, soil and dirt residues will come off easy because the dry compound used absorbs and makes it easy for the machines to pick up the dirt.

The mixture is usually composed of a little water, detergent, and an absorbent carrier. This method revolved around the notion that the compound used dissolves the soil and dirt. The dirt is then incorporated into the mixture, making it easier for the cleaning machine to absorb and clean them.

Carbonated Cleaning Method
This method is also known as the Bonnet Shampooing method. In simple terms, Bonnet Shampooing involves using a hard floor buffing spray in cleaning carpets. First, the carpet needs to be sprayed or soaked with a cleaning solution before being run down by a brush or vacuum cleaner. You can learn more about this technique at

This way of carpet cleaning also uses a simple or mechanical brush that would do the actual cleaning once the carpet has been wet with a mixture. Bonnet Shampooing, in theory, works to produce better suspension of the soil and lower pH. Although not the most popular method of carpet cleaning, many people still use this method in cleaning carpets.

Warm Water Extraction
This method is also known as External Extraction. Considered as the only deep cleaning method,warm water extraction enables cleaners to remove dirt deeper into the carpet.

The method is also known as steam cleaning since it uses water sprayed into the carpet to force the piles of dirt out of it. This then makes it easier for carpet cleaning machines and vacuum cleaners to extract dirt from carpets leaving it cleaner in the process.

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