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The Carpet Cleaning Techniques Used By Professionals

By Daniel Mitchell / December 14, 2016

The carpet shampoo method of cleaning is one of the most scientific techniques in doing simple carpet cleaning. Its gist is basically to make the carpet foamy. It needs to generate enough foam by applying shampoo in it and allowing the foam dry up. The dried foam then makes the dirt, soil residue, and other […]


How Carpet Stretching Works

By Daniel Mitchell / December 1, 2016

First of all, what is carpet stretching? This is a procedure that is used in two different cases: when you first install your carpet and when you need to repair it. During the installation, the stretching basically makes sure that you are left with a very secure and smooth carpet that covers your floor. Basically […]


Allergies? Try Cleaning Your Carpets

By Daniel Mitchell / November 27, 2016

Your vacuum cleaner probably isn’t effective at collecting dust and-and dirt from your carpets. With the increase in allergies resulting from dust, pollen, and allergens this is certainly not a good thing. So what should you do if your vacuum cleaner is not remedying this situation? You certainly don’t want your loved ones to suffer, […]

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