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How To Find a Licensed Heater Repair Technician

The ideal option is to use a tried and tested licensed water heater repair technician recommended by friends or neighbors. Some local authority planning departments will send the customer a list of qualified plumbers in the area, but they aren’t allowed to make individual recommendations. Ask to see the technician certificate of qualification.

If necessary, check their qualifications with the relevant qualifying authority. The technician’s transport and personal appearance can provide some clues. Although a clean van, displaying a trading name and address and a crisp appearance aren’t really any sort of guarantee of plumbing skills, they are an indication that the plumber is doing his best to create a good image and to keep the home clean. A good starting point is to ask the chosen technician to do a small but tricky task, such as repairing the main interior stopcock or perhaps fitting a cistern. If the homeowner is pleased with the quality of the work and the price, ask for a quote for a larger job.

Give the technician a list of items that need doing and ask for a quote. Beware the plumber who looks first at the customer and then at the sky, and gives the customer an ‘estimate’ on the back of an envelope. A good plumber will go away and work out a quotation. He will itemize and price the tasks and set out everything so that customer has a clear understanding of what the job involves.

An established technician will have a contact address and a phone number. Beware the guy who will only give customer his mobile phone number – it is just possible that he is a ‘cowboy’ with no fixed address. A guarantee gives assurance, in black and white, that the technician will put things right if they go wrong. However, if the plumber goes out of business customer is stymied. That said, some technicians are happy to back up their guarantees with insurance options. If the size of the task permits, the technician should draw out a plan. This might not be much more than a pencil drawing, but it will set out the pipe runs, establish the position of valves and stopcocks, and so on. It will show customers how the repair work and connections are going to travel around the house, and indicate that the plumber or licensed Water Heater Repair is putting thought into the job.That is how to find a licensed heater repair technician

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