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How Get Rid Of Fleas In Your Carpet

Fleas are insects without wings. They suck the blood from all types of animals like dogs, cats, chickens, rats, and even humans!Once you are bitten by insects, the bite can swell and become very painful as well as itchy. Fleas can be very annoying even if they do not bite! If you happen to be allergic to insects, they can cause painful rashes.The good news is they do not live very long once they are within carpets because they need to live off of a living host.

If you have fleas in your carpeting, make it your priority to get eliminate them asap for both you and your pets’ health sake.I compiled a list on how to get rid of fleas from your carpet. Read on.First of all, fleas that are in your carpet are tough to see with the naked eye. They thrive on living in dark areas that are moist like behind furniture or doors. Look on both sides of your carpeting to find these creatures.

Here are some quick tips to try before calling a professional carpet cleaner:

Use Your Vacuum
uck them out of your carpet before they suck the blood out of you or your pets! Look closely at the corners and seams of your sofas because they are great hiding places for these guys.

Wash Every Carpet
If you have whole house carpeting, you may want to call a professional carpet cleaning company. If you are tackling small individual carpets yourself, remember not all of them are sucked up by your vacuum sweeper. Make it your ritual to wash your carpets in hot water with lots of soap. Steam carpet cleaning your carpets is also a good way to terminate all the carpet fleas that your sweeper didn’t pick up.

Try Using Boric Acid
Boric acid is very deadly against many types of insects. The best thing going for this chemical is that it kills a variety of insects, but at the same time it is totally safe for humans.

Eliminate Any Old Fabrics
Sometimes fleas will be very clinging and stick onto your scattered rugs and even your old clothes. Make sure you rid your house of these fabrics.

Kill Them With Insect Spray
Purchase a special spray to spray on your furniture, your carpets, and floor boards throughout your house.The acid in combination with that salt to ensure that the parasites are all killed.

Keep Your House Clean
These carpet fleas will leave on their own if they can’t get any nourishment while there. If all else fails, call an experienced pest exterminator like pest control Toowoomba.

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