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How To Know When To Replace Your Heater

It’s just your luck. You’re running late. The coffee isn’t made. You can’t find your shoes, and all you want is a hot shower to wake you up. Lo and behold, the water is cold, and getting colder. Your water heater is shot, and you curse yourself for not recognizing the warning signs. There were plenty that you ignored, and now you have to take an cold shower. You tell yourself, next time you’ll recognize the signs, and then you realize: you don’t even know them. It may just be time to educate yourself on water heaters before calling a hvac technician.

Most water heaters have a life span of eight to roughly fifteen years, depending on the make and model you purchased. Look at your records to see exactly when you purchased the water heater. If you purchased a home which included the water heater, it might be time to get a plumber out to look at the unit and determine if it is still in good functional condition and how much longer you may have. If you have a higher grade model installed, you may be able to get more life out of your heater, but that is not always a guarantee.

Weird Looking Water
If you start to notice dirty, rusty colored water when you run a tap, or if there is substantial sediment in your tank, call a plumber immediately. This is a sign of corrosion and means the water heater is decaying rapidly. It can also be a sign of corroding pipes, which could be a bigger issue for any homeowner. A simple rule of thumb: any sediment in your tap or tank, call a plumber! Sediment in your water or tank is never a good sign.

If there is a great deal of moisture building up around your water heater, it’s time to replace it. Moisture can be a sign of a slow leak, which not only means your unit isn’t working properly, it means you’re wasting water, and that can hike up your water bill. You will need to replace your unit immediately to ensure that you are not wasting water, or creating a potentially hazardous situation with an appliance sitting in a pool of water.

If you start to see any of the following signs, call a certified plumber. Only a professionally trained plumbing team can help you determine if the water heater is functioning properly or if it needs replacing. They can help replace or repair your unit and keep your showers warm and toasty for those moments when life is making you cold!

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