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Snowblower Maintenance: A Few Guidelines

Winter is almost here and you need to have your snow blower ready in case you need it. The following are some great maintenance tips for a proper snow blower maintenance, that will make sure that your machine is ready for the cold months and will work in a perfect condition.

Inspect the fuel filters
One of the most important things you need to check is the fuel filters. You can siphon out as much fo the gas as you can and then you can start the snow machine and run it dry. Keep in mind though that some gas may remain in the fuel lines, so you can add a few ounces of ethano-free fuel and then you can run it dry again. Wait some time until the engine cools and drain the carburetor bowl.

Check the level of the oil
It’s proper to check the amount of oil left in the engine after approximately 8 hours of use. Remember that fresh oil usually has an amber or golden colour, which it darken as the oil ages. So, you can check it easily and don’t forget to replace it once every season you use it. Before you replace the engine oil, you need to go through the owner’s manual because every model varies.

Take a look at the tires
If your snow blower has pneumatic tires, you can use a tire pressure gauge in order to check the air pressure. (The air should be around 15-20 pounds per squre inch).

Recharge the batteries
You need to check the batteries if they are working properly. If not, you have to replace them, in order for your machine to be able to work perfectly.

Inspect the plates
If you have a two stage snow blower you can check the skid shoes, which allow you to control how close to the ground the unit will clear the snow. For example, if you are cleaning a smooth and paved surface, you can adjust these shoes to a higher position, by setting the scraper bat to less clearance. In case the surface you are cleaning is irregular, you adjust them to lower position, for maximum clearance.

Stock the spare parts
You need to keep extras on hand and extra drive belts. You most probably will need one, especially if you have a single stage machine and two belts for two stage models.

Lubricate moving parts
It’s essential also to lubricate some moving parts of your snow blower, like cables and pivot points. Also you have to lubricate and adjust the chains and the belts, in order your machine to be able to work in a perfect condition.

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